Jewish War

The Jewish war, Yom Kippur, Intifada ......

Israel is a country since centuries in war and not only since the founding in 1948. This area knowns many times the scene of unrest. A few conquers:

AssyriŽrs defeat between 722 en 720 BCE the Israelites and remove the ten tribes.

BabyloniŽ conquer the area in 586 BCE, abduct the Jewish inhabitants to Babylonia and destroy the First Temple in Jerusalem

Hellenistic en Persian occupied the area from 538 till 142 BCE. In that time many Jewish came back from Babylonian banishment and rebuild the Temple

Alexander de Great conquer the area in 332 BCE. The HasmoneeŽn gives the Jewish people some autonomy.

Romans conquer whole Palestine and stay there from 63 till 313 AC. They destroyed in 70 AC the Second Temple and capture in 73 AC fort Masada in the Judea Desert. Flavius Josephus describes this Jewish War.

Byzantines dominate the land from 313 till 636 AC. In 614 AC there has been a Persian invasion.

Arabic domination took place from 636 till 1099 AC. In this time Abd el-Malik build on the fundaments of the First and Second Temple, the Dome of the Rock or Omar mosque with his golden dome.

Crusaders mean they have the duty to liberate Jerusalem from the [pagan] Arabs and travel predatory and murdered trough the country.

Mammelukken occupied as conquers from 1291 till 1516 and the Ottoman from 1517 till 1917.

Brittan has had the mandate over the area from 1918 till Israel exist on May 14th, 1948

The independent war of 1948. After the British general Cunningham leave the mandate area Palestine, then follow the proclamation of the State Israel on May 14th. On that time the borders of the new State looks like the borders of 1967. Immediately start the armies of the neighbour’s including Iraq and other followers with an attack on the State Israel. Then follow a no equal battle between heavy armoured armies against a rare group fighter with even unknown weapons. This group, The Hagana, an underground army from volunteers got secret sending weapons from then called Czechoslovakia. So the Hagana grow up as the army (Tsahal) of Israel, IDF (Israel Defence Force).

Sinai champagne of 1956. Egypt terror groups (fedayin) attack more and more travellers and kibbutzim in the Negev Initial the Jordanians are the biggest attackers but around 1955 the Egypt’s take it over. The attack and victims are so many that the government of Israel diced to give an answer. When Nasser in July 1956 the Suez Canal nationalizes and Israel disconnected from the Strait of Tiran, became an international consensus for a military answer a fact. On 29 October 1956 started the Kadesh Operation and penetrated the Israelis into the army of Egypt and restore order. In the days after the Egypt army collapse total and Israel took 5000 solders in prisoner of war. Many defeat solders fled barefooted in the direction of Suez Canal the whole Sinai and Gaza be occupied. Begin 1957 withdraws the army piece by piece. In the same time need even the northern border with Syria and the east border with Jordanian restoring order. However the attacks don’t be to the past, Israel get the situation more and more under control.

The Six day war. (1967) The Westbank, Gaza en Jerusalem became occupied. In May 1967 the Egypt president Nasser send the UNO troops, who stay by the Suez Canal, to home. Syria and Jordanian became a military pact together with Egypt. Nasser gives order to close the Strait of Tiran, so Israel has no more passage. Further he brought his troops in the Sinai on strongest level. Israel prepares themselves for a war and start a preventive action. In the early morning of July 5th, 1967 they damage the complete Egypt Air Force. In few days they finished the war in the Sinai, the Gaza, Westbank, Jerusalem and the Golan heights and brought this area’s under control of Israel.

Jom Kippur war in 1973. An unexpected attack from Arabic troops on Jom Kippur in 1973. After a very hard battle on several fronts Israel defeat and remove the attackers. Israel kept and occupied for reason of security the Golan. For the same reason they did so with the Sinai till the peace with Egypt in 1979. The Golan Heights be annexed on December 14th, 1981. The Gaza and Westbank, (Judea and Samaria for Israel) stay under administrative and military control. Some parts are now under control of the Palestine Authorities under leading of Jasser Arafat.

The Lebanon war. More and more became north-Israel attacks from Lebanon. Many Katoesja (Kathusja) rockets reached Kyriat Shmona. Israel decided to gives an answer by the military border The Good Fence near Metulla. It has been necessary to confirm a security buffer on Lebanon territory. This been happened after the Lebanon war in 1982, more known as Peace for Galilee. In 2000 Israel withdraw under leading of Prime Minister Ehud Barak. The Hezbollah, living in Lebanon and supported by the Syrians, didn't stop their attacks.

Intifada. On several times there has been an outbreak of unbridled violence, called Intifada, of the Palestinians. At least Israel came in Oslo to business with Arafat and agreements be signed. Most important agreement is the return of land (Westbank en Gaza). Powering inside the Palestinian community (Hamas) are against the agreement with Israel and they choice for more violence.

The visit of Ariel Sharon on mount Temple in September 2000 became the start of a width scale of riots with on both side’s dead and many wounded victims. A heavy attack of a suicide murder took place on June 2nd, 2001. In front of a disco near the former Dolfinarium on the beach in Tel Aviv blow up themselves a Palestinian guy. His fragmentation bomb filled with iron nails cost the life of many teenagers. More as hundred people are wounded some very danger. Also Arafat is shocked of this violence and order immediately a cease fire. But Hamas announced continuing the attacks and their leader Sheikh Yassin preach violence as long as Israel occupied Palestinian land.

On December 2001 the violence escalated in such level that Arafat is no more talk partner of Israel. He did not take in custody the extremists with as results more and more attacks from suicide bombs. Not only the peace talks are in splinter but even the economic situation for the Palestinians became very bad. Also the tourism in Israel collapse complete and the life became under high pressing for unexpected terror.Blow-up busses in Hadera, Haifa en near a settlement on the Westbank cost the life of many people Israel took the stage in own hand and start to fight the terror from the area’s of Arafat. Several actions taken place against places and civilians on the Westbank and Gaza End of March 2002 the situation changed and escalated in a war situation.

After meanwhile the army of Israel withdraw from the territories of Arafat urge a heavy bomb attack in Netanya with more as twenty dead people till new actions against the Palestinians. The Headquarter of Arafat in Ramallah has captured by the IDF and Arafat has been isolated in one room. Also start a great cleaning action in many big cities on the Westbank whereby the IDF was searching for hidden weapons and explosives Begin February 2003 start a prudent approach between the two parties. But end of March 2003 there was still no succeeding. The whole year stay in publicity of violence. America defeat Saddam Hussein in Iraq without problems and before Iraq was able to take one shot on Israel. Saddam Hussein is arrested by USA troops on December 13th, 2003.

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At least we have the roadmap for peace. This roadmap shows a timetable for both parties with as end full cooperation between two States, Israel and Palestine. End of November 2003 a group of civilians from as well Palestinians and Israelites signed a peace treatment in Geneva. This treatment is not recognised by the Israel authorities. Minister of Foreign Affairs of America, Powell, is positive about the Geneva peace talks.

Hamas, supported by Iran, shoot between 2000 and 2006 more as 8000 Qassam rockets on the Negev and special the village Sdrot. But also on Ashkelon and Ashdod.The citizen of Sdrot stays permanently in their shelters. Then in January 2009 Israel has start an enormous offensive against the Hamas in Gaza. It took 22 days and in Gaza fallen nearby 1300 civilians. Many buildings and infrastructures been complete damaged. Even tens of tunnels between Gaza and Egypt in use as smuggle tunnels.


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