Bitachon, Hebrew for security , an important word.. , picture above, right the emblem of the Police (mistara) and left from Tsahal, the army.

Israel is permanent doing for protect his security. Their army (Tsahal) belong to the best of the world. But also it has weak spots. One moment of inattention and the Middle-East is in fire, like the Yom Kippur war in 1973. The visual remnant of this war you can see on many places. Tank near Gamla , battle of the Golan. Sometimes the danger came from over the borders as by the first Gulf war with Iraq and his Scud rockets. People in Israel where very afraid about chemical or biological attacks. At of the Gulf war, they try to protect themselves to stay in a sealed room and to use gasmasks.

For reason of maximum security with people who want visit Israel. Hard time for travellers on the airport. They get many, sometimes non understood questions. For people who have experience with the airport knows that. It looks like an inquiry with rare questions as belongs the sweet case to you or why you have a new passport or even important, carry you a weapon. And don’t forget by leaving Israel on Ben Gurion it is more worst as in Amsterdam. A line of travellers is waiting. All will be screened very well. Because there are always mad people who want make violence, hijacking or more bad things. A moment of inattention and there can be a bloody attack like we have seen in September 2001 in the States. Also the suicide attacks are a bloody example for what mad people we have in the world

Near the interchange road-1 and road-3 on the way Tel Aviv<>Jerusalem (Latrun interchange) you find the Canada Park but also the tank museum. The plain shows you many tanks who be used in many wars against Israel. From Jordan, Russia, USA and the best of all the Merkava tank made by Israel.

The beautiful four lane highway (road-1) be in the period 1948-1967 the stage of many attacks whereby hundreds Jewish people found the dead. The area has been controlled by the Arab, who has from the surrounding hilly landscape a free shoot view on the road and traffic below.  Many carcass  from damage armoured cars you will see there as permanent memory from this time. In 1967 when Israel won the battle of this road, Jerusalem can be reached for ever and everyone, and be the attacks history. Doko in Ramat Gan has a lot of video movies as collector item about this period.

Bus hijacking with fatal end is for example in 1978 near Gelliot Junction. (44 death among them 9 terrorists en 100 wounded people)

On several spots in the Jewish state are storages of capture army supplies. A visit to the tank museum Latrun and the warplanes from the Air Force Museum Khatserim west of BeerSheva is a very good choice. On both places you get an important view of the efforts of the State to leave in peace and security.

As tourist you see many soldiers on road, mostly with full weapon supplies. This belongs to the daily life of this country. The boys have to be for three years in the army and after that time they must stay every year on action replay. For girls it is half of this time. Soldiers move many times from one place to another. They always carry their weapon. Don’t be afraid when you see this for the first time. But in time heavy violence with the Palestinians from the Westbank or Gaza it is better not to stay in some places there. Follow always advises of your travel agent or messages from the country.

Israel has four borders, Lebanon, Syria, Jordanian and Egypt. To protect this cost a lot of money, time and military effort. Special the border with Lebanon and the area between the Westbank and Jordanian need a high level of protection. However the most of these borders have no tourist attraction. The Good Fence, the border with Lebanon near Metulla, is since Israelwithdraws from the security zone in 2000, replaced in the direction of Metulla. The both iron flags from Israel and Lebanon where many tourist take a picture are no more exist.

In 2002 Israel has start with the construction of an iron curtain and on some places a high wall of concrete with the Westbank. This security wall gives international a lot of rumour between Israel and the rest of the world.

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