Tel Aviv, on front the harbour and left the hotels.

Economic, industrial- and culture center of Israel..
Tel Aviv is founded in 1908 in the sand dunes nearby Yafo (Jaffa) with a harbour. The town is on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. All the possibilities are there for a world town. There is a large harbour for pleasure yacht and also a long range of hotels on the always busy boulevard, Dancing’s, disco's, art, culture,museum and restaurants are ingredients of this town. A wide and large beach is always occupied by people. Visitors or citizen they have never a moment of boring. You can reach the town from many sides by car, train or bus. As every big town have also Tel Aviv problems like overpopulation and a lot of traffic. The town account nearly 400.000 inhabitants but by the very large industrial zones and offices, there are daily maybe one million people in the town. The most hotels are situated between the boulevard and the streets as Dizengoff, Allenby, Ben Yehuda and HaYarkon. Special is the shopping street Dizengoff Street (named by the first mayor). This street has a nice square Dizengoff Square with palm trees and a pond. Sit and rest. The neighbourhood of this city is; Ra'ana, Ramat Hasharon, Petah Tikva, Bnei Barak, Giv'atayim, Holon, Rishon Le-Tsyon and other see> neighbourhood

For tourist  Train in direction of Haifa, Merkaz Arlosorov Street, Jerusalem,Beersheba and the airport. Darom Kibbutz Galuyot Street. Busses to BenGurion Airport leave from El Al terminal Arlosorov Street (near railway station). Trough the town lay the main road Ayalon, start by road2 and 5 in the north and went to Jerusalem as road 1. Two other roads cross also the town road 2 and 4.

Tel=hill and Aviv=spring.  In time of the English Mandat the town growing spectacular. Rumour with Arab people between 1920 and 1939 lay to build an own harbour. For economic reason the harbour be build in Ashdod. This harbour loses the necessary in 1966. Still today this harbour is now for pleasure boats.  Till 1949 the government and parliament where settled in Tel Aviv. Tel Kasila you find close by the Tel Aviv University in Ramat Aviv. Nakhal (river) Yarkon passed this place close. The tell was possible founded by Foeniciers in the 12th century BC. Later live the Filistinae there. Cisterns (water put) and places for oil press machines were found. From 10th century livings are evident as oil press, copper foundry and dye-work house. In 1799 Napoleon looks from the top of a hill to their activities of his army. There is a lot of new buildings with a skyline with living towers and offices. So surf to this place.

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