In this melting pot of people are many languages, only Hebrew is the main language.
Hebrew is not the easiest language to learn. It belongs to the eldest languages of the world.

However the most languages of the world are spoken in Israel, Hebrew is the main language in this country. Next Hebrew is English, German and Russian the most spoken foreign language.

 Many Jews from Russia are immigrated to Israel. Walking in Israel’s cities Russian is not only to hear but also to see by shops, papers and magazines.

For reason of soon integration the authorities gives the new immigrants an oelpan (Hebrew course)

Spanish and Portuguese are also well known languages for reason of the Sephardic Jews, are Jews from Spanish spoken countries in the Middle East. Arabic is next Hebrew an often used language.

When you learn the Hebrew alphabet and you can dream it then you have half of the language in your head. 

Hebrew characters of  Rolnik Tel Aviv

There are several good courses on audio, video or go to:

For the averages tourist is an English dictionary more important then Hebrew.

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