beach of Netanya

Founded is 1928 and develop till a town with more as 100.000 citizens. In 1976 it was an ordinary tourism place. Now the mainplain is a large walk promenade named Atzmaut Square  and forbidden for traffic. The horse and wagon on the picture are still today in the town. At the end of the square is a stair to a beautiful beach.

Left and right of this square are a lot of hotels. The promenade is at the end of the Herzl Street.  The  Herzl Street  starts at the main road Tel Aviv-Haifa. The train station you find in the Derek Harakevet Street also near the main road. From here start the horseman with his wagon the trip trough the city. Halfway the Herzl Street is the Benjamin Boulevard where you find the central bus station from Egged Bus Company. From here you can reach many places in the country. There are a lot of side roads with shopping centres and restaurants etc. It is a sparkle city with equal Russian language on the stores as Hebrew

The city is situated in the Sharon and must be the centre for citrus culture and diamond factories. Next the diamond centres, beautiful beach and many restaurants there is no more special in Netanya. In high season there are a lot of concerts on the square or nearby park theatre.

Next the old city there is now also a new suburb, Netanya South with very luxury houses and hotels. This is the skyline of the new city.

Nearby Netanya are several kibbutzim. The Westbank is no more as 12km away. From Tul Karm on the Westbank till the coast is 13km. For reason of these very nearby Westbank is  bitachon (security) a must.

A little north of Netanya you find the Alexander river.

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