art in Metulla

Metulla is a small village at the end of road 90. From Tiberias you can reach this place by a beautiful trip over this road. First near Lake Kinneret and after then you get a landscape of agriculture. You passed banana fields kibbutzim and ancient places like Kfar Nachoem. It is possible to take road91 near Khatsor ha-Glilit in the direction of the Golan Heights. Further along fish ponds in the Hula valley, trough Kiryat Shmona where you can take road99 in the direction of Mount Hermon. After Kiryat Shmona the road went up and down with sometimes sharp curves and most beautiful views. Just before you reached Metulla you see right of the road a plate for the Ha-Tanur (chimney) waterfall. Take this small road and go sharp down to a small park with a very old nature. Walk to the fall and enjoy this bog-ore looking nature till the 18 meters high chimney looking waterfall. Also go by a stair of stones to the top and looking down to the fallen water and over the surround.

After passing the fence of kibbutz Metulla you see at the right side of the road the word "Welcome to Metulla". The history of this place knows a lot of military violence and till today there is much military travel. Metulla has been well known as the place with the Good Fence [see picture on top]. But this fence is history since 2000 when Israel leaves the security zone of south-Lebanon. The border crossing is re-installing some hundreds of meter inside Israel behind Metulla. The iron flags of Israel and Lebanon are no more. Much of tourists from over the world have taken pictures by this unique place in the world.

The Good Fence was found in the years 70 when there was peace between the two countries. Many people from Lebanon have had work in the villages surround, went to schools in Israel and used the healthy services from their neighbours. Also there was a lot of traffic most Druses people who visit on both sides their families. That all is former time after the Hezbollah starts more and more violence against Israel under protection of Syria. Attacks with Kathusja rockets who reached Kiryat Shmona bring the people of this city several times in the shelter. Till today it is quit in the north.

Metulla is founded in 1896 by mainly Russia immigrants. From the highest point you have a splendid view surround. The snow on Mount Hermon is on the horizon in the east. However you can see very wide into Lebanon the Golan Heights or the Hula valley. In springtime you enjoy the beautiful by flowers and flowering trees covered slopes of upper Galilee. When the sky is clear you can seen the ruin of Qalat Nimrod. [Nimrod castle]

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