Jordan River

Jordan River question of water ....

The Jordan is a miracle stream of water. It start at Mount Hermon nearly 2700 meters high. The top is decorated with snow and also a source for water. But even for the ski-sports. The river is going down over a length of 250km to the lowest point of earth the Dead Sea. There are under way several streams and waterfalls who food the river with water. Very well known falls are Dan and Banias. For visit the National Park of Banias you buy a ticket and make a wonderful walk. Go down by a stair of stones and find yourself back deep in the ravine what ended by the waterfall. This waterfall gets the water from Nakhal Guvta which stream start on 2000 meters high on the Mount Hermon. The very noisily waterfall who came from the rocks above your head gives you a spectacular view. At your feet you see very clear water with fish. It is forbidden to swim in this ice could water. Whirl streams of water gone to the lakes from the Hula.

Rainfall feeds the porous volcanic slopes of the Golan. This water became small streams like Nakhal Orvim near kibbutz Lehavot ha-Bashan and Nakhal Dan. At least these streams are united in the Hula plain. These streams, Nakhal Snir, Khasbani, Nakhal Dan and Nakhal Khermon come together near Amir. From there it going south as Yarden (Jordan River) and enter near Amnun beach Lake Kinneret.

South of this lake continuing this river his stream by kibbutz  Dganya Alef. A little more north of Gesher among road90 became the Jordan River a natural border with Kingdom Jordan. The river went south and passing the Sheikh Hussein Bridge and Ge'on ha-Yarden reserve.

After passing of the fishponds of kibbutz Tirat Tsvi goes the river under the Allenby Bridge near Jericho and the ruin Abdallah Bridge. Then finally the river ended in the Dead Sea. Also a lot of wadi’s enter the Jordan River. By heavy rainfall this wadi’s fill up with water and became sometimes heavy water streams and drain off this in the Jordan River

In contradistinction of the most rivers who gives fruitful mud (Nile of European Rivers) has the Jordan River a more religion and historical meaning. Near kibbutz Gadot we find the bridge  and ruin Bnot Ya'akov, the daughters of Jacob the arch father. From the top of this ruin you see down the heavy whirled stream of the Jordan. For this reason is rafting very popular. The story of John the Baptist is well known. Baptize in the Jordan is for Christians even important as a visit to Mecca by the Islamite’s.

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