Jizre'el plain


The Jizre'el plain is a low land surround by mountain ridges. Over the plain are many agriculture areas and kibbutzim. Very attractive is the yearly harvest festival named gak bikuriem. The border of this plain is in the West road66 near Yokne'am Ilit and road65 by junction Megiddo.(picture on top are taken from Megiddo). In the east is the border of this plain near Afula (road73) till Ramat David. South of Afula we find Mount Gilboa , known from the Irish of Gilboa. This flower grows only on the slopes of this mountain. The plain has not only intensive agriculture but has also cattle and very exceedingly areas of nature. The complete area is from the hills of Galilee and passing Gilboa. The plain as described is mostly named HaEmeq. From the hills surround you have a fascinated view on the plain. Mount Tabor is always to see but sometimes there can be a strong mist.

Passing mountain Gilboa you enter the Kharod Valley. This area we find between road71 and road65 till the Jordan River. In the area of Kharod are many fishponds. Do not forget to visit the beautiful national park Gan Haslosha of Sahne.

The history of this area is very close connected with conquers for reason of position and fertile. Afula is a busy city and the port to the north by road65 (Nazareth or Tiberias) and Beit Shean (road71). Via enormous fishponds van Neve Eitan enter this road the Sheikh Hussein Bridge with the border of the Kingdom Jordan.

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