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Jerusalem, city of past and future, city of gold......
Jerusalem is as far we can see in the past a historical Jewish town. It starts his history as mount Moria, more known as the mount where Abraham makes his offer to his Lord. However, it is the starts of Jewish Jerusalem and his history. The Islam was in that time still centuries from there existing. Or in the time before Abraham the circumcision a ritual has been is unknown. The later cutting of the tribe in a Jewish and Arabic branch has nothing to do with circumcision because the Arabs do the same and belongs from former times to the same family.  
Some facts.

David got the land from the Jebusieten and his son Salome fulfilled the First Temple in 955 BCE. This temple is destroyed in 585 BCE by the King of Babel. After the return of exile the Jewish Ezra and Nehemiah rebuild the Temple. These Second Temple be heavy damage by the Seleucid and repair by the Maccabean. No Islam to see in that time. The Jewish rabbi Jehoshua (Jesus) has start with a new way of religion and the Christianity was born. In the year 70 AC the Roman Titus destroyed the Second Temple. In the fourth century the Byzantium Emperor Julianus have given the Jewish permission to build a new temple. For reason of early death of the emperor never start this project.

In 570 AC Mohammed the founder of the Islam is born. What Jesus is for the Christianity is Mohammed for the Islamic world. As trader he became a lot of knowledge from old historical stories as about Abraham, Ishmael and the Old Testament. Also he got dreams and visions and of course the visit of Archangel Gabriel. Identical as Jesus he founded a new belief, the Islam. And so the Arab people got their own religion with the Koran as their bible. In 622 AC Mohammed fled out of Mecca and went to Jatrib later named Medina. For reason of goodwill to the Jewish people of Medina and that they will changed their belief, he order his followers to pray with the head in the direction of Jerusalem, the Jewish capital.

The Jewish leaders reject the religion of Mohammed. Then he became very angry about the Jewish cursed them and break with them for ever. He orders his followers to pray no more in the direction of Jerusalem but to Mecca. And so since 623 AC all the Muslims from over the world pray also. Till then there has been never Islam in Jerusalem. But Mohammed start a war and conquer many countries and exile the Jewish and Islamism the subdue countries.  

Some places. >>>

 Mohammed die in 632 AC, without visit Jerusalem. In 638 AC Jerusalem came for the first time in history under power of the Muslims. Khalief Abd el-Malik builds between 687 and 691 AC the famous Omar mosque. That mosque and the el-Aksa mosque have built on the wreckage of the Second Jewish temple
Only the West wall or Kotel (in Hebrew) is the only remnant from the Second Temple. It is the place of the Jews for mourning, remembering or festivity. Man and woman pray separated. They put letters of spiritual wishes to Jaweh in the wall. A worth full visit.
Yad Vashem is the holocaust museum and situated in west of Jerusalem on Mount Herzl. Central point is the Memorial Hall where burned the eternity flame and the names of all the concentration camps are on the floor. See picture right. More important places are: The Last March, Memorial to Death, Valley of the Destroyed Communities and Monument of the children of Yad Vashem. Six million of Jews be murdered in the concentration camps of Nazi-Germany. Named holocaust. click on picture for: teachingholocaust

Outside we find next a lot of monuments a  statue of a woman without face, nameless.......

Knesset are the government building of the State Israel. In the past relative quit and peacefull years it was possible to visit the Knesset. In front of the building you find a meters high menorah decorated with many figures from the history of Israel.

Not far from the Knesset you find the Israel Museum. Also a worth full visit. An extensive collection of paintings and sculptors from the past and today are inside. Next this museum we find the museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Inside it is cool. Trough a long passage with show-windows with archaeologist’s findings you arrived in the heart of the museum. There is a pillar with glass in the form of a Thorarol and behind this you see the photocopies of the founded scrolls. .

buildt as Thorarol

The real scrolls are in the basement and nuclear free protected

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Israelmuseum outside

On Mount Herzl we find the national cemetery where are buried the most important persons from Israel. One of them is Theodore Herzl [see picture] founder of the present-day State Israel. Only statesman David Ben Gurion is buried in his kibbutz Sde Boker
entrance of Jerusalem

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