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Why no border of 1967

Israel Information has as target the traveller to Israel and given insight in this country, the cities, the language, the history, the landscapes and many other subjects.

This website is as far as possible a non political site. All is based on the history of the country, written by independent writers as Flavius Josephus

Thousand of years BCE has been this piece land between Lebanon and Egypt already subject of history.

Battles between rivalry tribes, armies of people from oversee, Alexander de Great, the Romans, Jesus, Mohammed, Napoleon, crusaders, all try to establish their power. Sometimes successful other times a drama.

A rare half shekel coin, first minted in 66 or 67 C.E., was discovered by 14 year-old Omri Ya'ari as volunteers sifted through mounds of dirt from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The coin is the first one found to originate from the Temple Mount.

See with your own eyes a world of history, follow the footsteps of Jesus, test the spirit of the time of the prophets, see the past by the excavations from Megiddo to Beit Shean or Masada near the Dead Sea to Shivta in the Negev. Follow the life of the kibbutz to stay in a kibbutz guest-house. Or overnight in a hut from reed, a luxury caravan or a simple but good hotel from where you can find a lot between Eilat and Rosh Hanikra or BeerSheva and Metulla. Travel through the metropolis of Tel Aviv, don't miss it!.

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