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Haifa is the third town of Israel, and has a power of force on tourists. It is a town not for a one time of visit. In the 14e century BCE people lives there. The bay has had all the time a function as harbour for the surrounding. The city is good connected and to reach by train and busses (company Egged). The train comes from Tel Aviv and has as end- destination Haifa. However in former time this railroad ended in Lebanon just near Rosh Hanikra. In 1904 the railroad to Damascus in the east has opened. The central train station is close near the Port of Haifa and the Rambam hospital, more known from the victims of war even for Lebanon citizen just in time when there has been a good neighbourhood contact with this state.  Haifa has big port facilities  also for their own marine, trade and guest ships. It is the port of the Exodus drama in 1947. The boat Exodus with “illegal”” immigrants have been entered by the British mandate police who send the boat back to Hamburg. A lot of people on board die by this drama.

The city is built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, the mount of the prophet Elian who has live there in a cave. There is a downtown with harbours and industry and an upper city where you can find the University. Also there is the Bahai Shrine with beautiful silent Persians gardens. From the top you have a phenomenal view surround, Bahai temple and harbours. Even by evening of night is the sight breath taking. When you visit the Shrine of the Bahai then put out your shoes and it is forbidden to take pictures. On the other side of the road there is a Greece looking building, archief of the Bahai. Down town and up are connected by an underground railway of then kilometre long, called the. From Kikar Paris (plain of Paris) you go with this small train with an incline of 12% to Gan Ha’em on the top. There are five stations for go out.

The city is many times conquered by as well the crusaders in 1100 and Saladin in 1187. The leader of Mammelukken Baibar destroyed the place. Pasha el Jezzar conquers Haifa in 1775 and Napoleon did so in 1799. From 1831 till 1840 has been the city in hands of Egypt.

With a ropeway it is possible to go from the coast side to the top. From there you have a magnificent view over the bay and downtown. The grain silo Dagon is a typical building you see. Don’t forget to visit the Technion built in 1925 and the Haifa University with the beautiful Eskol tower with 25 floors. Among the Balfour Street we find the National Museum. The Haifa Museum in the Shabtai Levi Street with three main section of art, old and modern art and music is a worth full visit. The Train Museum with old locomotives and wagons you can find on the Hativat Golani Road.The town has a very active evening of night out, good hotels and other tourist accommodation.There are beautiful shop centres and typical for this town are the plenty fountains.

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