8000-5000BC Neolithicum
<>6000BC Jericho
<>1800BC Patriarchs
1991-525BC.......... Farao period
1522 BC .Jakov to Egypt
1312BC Moses/Exodus leave Egypt/get theTorah
1272BC Joshua occupy IsraŽl
879BC King Saul
<>850BC King David bought Mt Tempel
825BC King Solomon build the First tempel
796BC Jewish Monarchy
422BC Babylonia exile
355BC Zerubabel/Ezra build 2e Tempel
37BC King Herode//Roman occupation
<>0 Birth of Jehoshua (Jezus)
<>30AC Originate of Christianity
3 April 33 Crusifixion Jezus by the Romans
324-636 Byzantium
570 Birth of Mohammed
<>600 Originate of Islam
1099-1291 Crusaders domination
1291-1516 Mameluke domination
1517-1917 Ottoman domination
1882-1903 1e emigratian wave from Russia 1897 Zionist Congres Theodor Herzl in Basel 1909 first kibbutz Degania Tel Aviv founded 1922 -1948 Britisch mandat in Palestine
14 May 1948 State Israel
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