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When you visit in Israel the nature, known that many nature watchers are there...
Israel has became in the passing years more and more attention for the environment. Israel Nature Parks Authority is the organisation for nature. Not only the inhabitants became more conscious for the nature but also the local governments recognized the interest of a protected nature. Israel has a rich flora- and fauna world.  For births watchers it is an eldorado because Israel is the over fly direction for many birds from Europe to Africa. Special surround Lake Kinneret (Galilee) as well the Golan Heights are well known places by bird watchers. Nearly 500 kinds of birds you can see. March and October are the best months for observation. Thousand’s birds passing this area so the fishpond owners are not so happy with these hungry flying friends.
Protection of Nature became a statement in Israel. SPNI will mean Society Protect Nature Israel. There are many magazines about the nature in Israel. Eretz is one of them. This beautiful magazine shows you all interested in and outs about the nature. You read in it not only about flora and fauna but also about the agriculture, landscapes and so one. Became member of [INNP ] Friends of Nature and National Parks is also possible. Many parcs are open for visitors and everywhere is enough space for picnics or to stay for walking and rest. The Negev shows you beauties  like Avdat and surround.
The (JNF) Jewish National Fund or (Israel KKL> Keyen Keren L'israŽl) are the tree planters of Israel. This organisation is founded in 1901 with as target buying land, mostly desperate and empty. By declaring of the new State of Israel they have buy more as 95.000 hectares land. Between then and now the JNF/KKL plant more as 200 million trees on nearly 120.000 hectares land. The most areas are open for recreation. To let plant a tree in Israel be a special gift by born, birthday or other important moment. It is easy to do order by JNF. You get a very attractive certificate with your wishes text. You can choice for many parks. Yatir is a kind impossible forest in the Negev. It is 5000 square meters forest. And a proof that it is possible to make the Negev green. See the project Holland Panorama  

In Galilee there is a lot of nature forest. Next oak trees we find also pain-forest and in the Hula area eucalyptus trees imported from Australia. In spring you find in these forests wild flowers like wood-anemone, azalea and cyclamen.  Also hyacinth, tulips and iris are to find as wild flowers. The pink iris you find only on mount Gilboa. The book ""300 Wild Flowers of Israel"" shows you a lot of information. You can buy it.

Next many birds and plants Israel knows nearly 100 kinds of animals. Find gazelles in the hilly areas, cat types, foxes and other mammals in more forest rich areas. In the south, the desert, there are Nubidian ibex but also very danger scorpions, as well snakes and other reptiles lives there.

Predators make a natural equal by animals and high in the sky of the Negev watch the eagle to his quarry. One of the little trees in the desert is the Tamarisk. On the earth growing small shrubs and plants, flowering in the morning dew and given a home place to beetles and other insects.

Strong laws give the nature optimal protection. Pluck flowers and dig out of bulbs are strongly forbidden. There are nearly 150 protected nature reserves and this account is growing up. Also hundreds plants and animals are protected for survive. There are safely breeding places  for birds and also special areas for hyena, wolfs and foxes.
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