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Eilat is a holiday place for tourist from abroad but also from Israel.  It is the most southern city of Israel and situated among the  Red Sea. Eilat with no more as one week rain per year gives you a scale of holiday possibilities. You can reach the place by car, busses of plane. Also directly fly from Amsterdam Airport. Under water also above there are several facilities to succeed your stay. Eilat has nearly 20.000 residents. You find a lot of hotel accommodation with or without swimming pool, rent a room and many others overstay accommodations. Beautiful beaches and in winter a lovely climate and seawater never below 22 degrees. Several excursions in the neighbourhood give an extra value to your vacation. Special the area surround, (the desert) is fascinated for a tour, hike, by car or camel. Going to Coral Island [see picture behind camel] is possible by boat. In combination with a cruise tour you can also visit the former Crusaders citadel. Further you find a lot of underwater activities by boat with a bottom of glass or with a mini diving boat. Also you can snorkelling between tropical fish or take a short diving course in the fascinated world of underwater life. A visit to Coral World is very recommend. It is under water and you reach it by a winding stairs. Seven meter below sea level you enjoy a spectacle scene of tropical fish, coral and other sea life. A trip to the mines of Timna and the pillars of Salomon  among road90 in northern direction, nearly 30km from Eilat, is amazing. Also a trip trough the Red Ravine with the wear out rocks is a must to seen.
Eilat is a really young town but the name already existed centuries ago. In 1948 it was no more then an outpost of the English mandate army. The history of the area is very old. Probably Moses passed here.

The Egyptians make trade with the copper from the mines of Timna and King Salomon build there ships. After then the Edomiteans, Ptolemaic en Nabathean has the power. Even the Romans have had there a base. The crusaders under command of Boudewijn I build there in 1116 a fort. You find it on Coral Island [see picture r. under].

A visit to the Israel Pace Museum about the Jewish history is a good decision. In the Malkit Jewellery Centre you can seen how the Eilat stone became polished.

Between the neighbourhood of Eilat and the hotels is the runway of Eilat Airport. Formally it is a military airport named Ovdah and is in used for tourist traffic. From the port behind Moria Eilat Hotel [see picture right] you can make a boat trip on the Red Sea.

In the village there are a lot of shops and other places for tourist activity. United tours or by rent a car are recommend.

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