Dead Sea
A bizarre wonder of nature, fracture in the Rift valley between Syria and Kenya, 33% salt....
The Dead Sea, in Hebrew Yam HaMelach, salt sea, or in Arabic Bahr Lut, sea of Lot, is 394 meter below sea level. With this belongs the Dead Sea to the deepest point of earth. The Jewish historian writer Flavius Josephus calls it in his books Asphalt Sea. There are beaches. You can lay in the water or dive but not diving or swimming. The salt 33% has a destructive influent on your eyes. However if you get some in your eyes go quick to sweet water and clean it for many minutes. There are showers enough on the beach.

...salt till the horizon

The Dead Sea is nearly 430 meter deep, 17 km width and 80km length. In the east we see the mountains of Moab belong to Jordanian and in the west see the desert of Judea and in the south there is the plain of Sodom. North of the Dead Sea we find Jericho. Nothing can live in this water.
From the north, the plain of Jericho, comes water by the Jordan river to the Dead Sea. Also by the Nakhal Zarqa and the Arnon comes water to the salt sea. In wintertime there is rain in this area. Then the water came by enormous power trough the very dry and hard soil to the lowlands. Sometimes road90 among the Dead Sea is closed. However with all this water every year become the level of the Dead Sea lower. A reason for this downing level is the lower water level of the Jordan River All the time less and less water reach the Dead Sea. An old plan from 1896 and again on speaking by the former premier Begin, be to grave a canal between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea is still in the freezer. Not at least for the cost But maybe once time comes this 110km long Mead-Dead-Project to life.
The sea is well known from and is a loved place for tourism. One came for meditation, another for the ultimo landscape or for the healthy minerals. There are cure places for people who have psoriasis. These places you find in Ein Bokek of more souths in Hamme Zoar. In the south we find industry with potash, chloride, salt and bromide. The sea is rich with elements for artificial.

..sea of Lot

In wintertime the temperature is nearly 30 degrees but in summertime more +40. Trough this lower situation be the oxygen worth 10%  higher as on level of the Mediterranean and be the ultra violet radiation much more less. Sun burning is scarcely a problem. However to be carefully is a must, always. Rain is not infrequent among the shore of this sea. In March 1998 I cannot stay on the beach near Ein Bokek for reason<><>rain.

The grey/white and sand collared mountains, rocks, caves and cliffs are breath taking view as well by rising as sinking sun. Then became the sea beautiful green colours and spell-bound the surrounding your mind. You find also in this curious desolate area a small paradise named Ein Gedi the place where David was hidden for King Saul. There are sweet water sources, waterfall, palm trees and more tropical flora and fauna.

Judeadesert and Dead Sea

...swimmingpool Ein Gedi, desert of Judea

In the neighbourhood there are more facilities as well as Ahav perfume, a school for paragliding or mountain in Mezoque Deragot. Among the whole sea there are sightseeing’s. Stay over in kibbutz Kalia is a very nice experience. Rent a room, enjoy the swimming pool or visit the excavations of Qumran, the finding place of the Dead Sea scrolls. There are many dry river [Nakhal] beds [wadi]. Make a walk in this fascinated area and live to see this never forget views. Nakhal Darga is a ravine with waterfalls and Nakhal Kidron is from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem. A beautiful experience is Yshai Observation Point. This 214 meter high Har Yishai [mount Yishai], a little north of Ein Gedi shows you a phenomenal view over the area, the Nakhal David. Nearly 1000 Zealots held stand on Massada against the Romans command by general Vespasianus. (Roman camp). Most south of the Dead Sea you find Neve Zohar. From here you can take road31 in the direction of Arad. 23km more south you enter Ha-Arava Junction. Road90 goes further in the direction of Eilat and road25 in the direction of Dimona. On this junction you find the Negev memorial monument from where you have a phenomenal sight surround. Be careful on this place because there is always a strong wind. And this wind has no obligations with you cap or hat. Also it is a danger place for not heavy weight persons or children. Far down on road90 you see cars like Dinky Toys.  
All things what hotels need must deliver from far. Map right. This is reason that hotels and to stay there is very expensive. But don't forget, it is an unforgettable experience surround

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