Neighbour Countries

Lebanon Syria Jordan Egypt
In the north lies Lebanon. Yet Lebanon hasn’t a peace agreement with the Jewish State. On the 6th of May 1983 an agreement was concluded, but was never enforced. March 7th 2005 start talks between both countries in case of withdrawal of Syrian troops. All the troops leaves the country.
Syria lies in the east. Syria and Israel still have a border-conflict about the Golan height and don’t have a peace agreement. Syria has Lebanon in an iron grip. The country supports the Hezbollah that is why regularly there is commotion at the border with Lebanon. March seven the Syrian troops start withdrawal in the direction of the Bekaa Valley. The international community want the complete return of the troops. All the troops leaves the country.
Jordan is in the southeast. Since 1994 Israel has a peace agreement with Jordan. Frontier traffic is possible. They are no reliable neighbours because they regularly support anti-Israel expressions in the Arab world. Jordan ambassadeur return to his post in Israel after absence of some years.
Egypt lies in the south. Since 1979 Israel has a peace agreement with neighbour country Egypt. Nevertheless the peace is a cold peace. It’s true that it’s possible to travel from Israel to Egypt. Also the same applies here, the Arab anti Israel attitude takes precedence above good neighbourly terms. Egyptian ambassadeur planned also his return to Israel after positive talks between the leaders of Israel en Palestine Authority.
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