Be'er Sheva

City in the Negev, Abraham, trade route to the south ..

Be’er Sheva is a lively town with many possibilities for tourists. There is a high level university, hotels and a weekly [on Thursday] Bedouin market. West of the town you find Hazerim air force museum . Go from the centre with road 2357 and find the place just after the settlement Katsherim. The museum has nearly 100 hectare area and they show you over the 100 planes. Among them the MIG21 who fly an Iraqi pilot to Israel in 1966. Also there are radar supplies and other military weapon systems used in the past.
Between Be'er Sheva (seven well’s) from Abraham (buried in Hebron) and the present day of this town there is a world of differences. The town is situated near the old camel road and develops as a stand easy. For reason there are water well’s a perfect situation for develops a permanent settlement for traders and nomads. In 1905 has started the Bedouin market and is open every Thursday. A scale of merchants enter this place with their products from cloths fruit, birds, sheeps and many others. Byzantines sources talks from a big village. The Turkeys rebuild it in 1900 and make it as centre of the Negev. Archaeologist found remnants of a synagogue from the 4th century meanwhile early Jewish habitation.
Today there leave 160.000 citizens in Be’er Sheva. There are many bus connections in all directions. The early trivial nomad village grow up as an adult city with very attractive houses, nice offices, buildings and a good infrastructure. The city is for the southern part of Israel the administrative and economic centre with medical, cultural and educative centres.
The distance between Metulla in the north and Be’er Sheva in the south it takes 290 km. From Tel Aviv you can reach this desert town by coast road2, passing Ashdod where road2 changed in road 4.After Ashkelon take by kibbutz Yad Mordechai road34 which road changed in road25 in the direction of Be’er Sheva. Kibbutz Yad Mordechai carries the name of Mordechai  Anilewitz, a Jewish leader from 1943 who die by the uproar in the ghetto of Warsaw. Also you can take road35 near Ashkelon till Kyriat Gat and then road40. Road35 is going in the direction of Hebron. Coming from Jerusalem take road60.
From out of Be’er Sheva you can reach the whole Negev.  Road40 brings you among Sde Boker to the crater Mitspe Ramon and from there till road90 by junction Ktura. Near Neve Kharif road40 changed as road12. This road is among the border with Egypt and finished in Eilat. Road90 is from Metulla in the north via the Westbank, Jericho and Dead Se to Eilat. Via Taba it is possible to drive to Sharm e-Sheik south in the Sinai. Take the right travel documents with you. !

From Be’er Sheva you can reach the city Dimona by road25. This road finished by road90 (Ha Arava junction) the Dead Sea area. A nice trip is road40 till junction Ha-Negev and then road224 to Yerukam. Or take 12km more to Thalim junction and go with road211 in the direction of Shivta and more south.

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