Among the shore of the Mediterranean, excavations, Bar Kochba.


Ashkelon, also written as >Ashqelon, is a small town on the shore of the Mediterranean 53 km south of Tel Aviv. The town is part of the ancient Via Mares. A modern town with an old centre named Migdal (Hebrew for tower). The excavations tell us that the town must be having inhabitants more as 7000 years ago. Pharaoh Ramses III, Assyriėrs en Babylonians has been conquers of the city. In the old history we find the story of the battle between David and Goliath . King Saul has been killed there. Also the crusaders let their footprints in Ashkelon. The Jewish freedom fighter Bar Kochba battle here as last one against the Romanian.

Archaeology in Ashkelon

In ancient time there have been a lot of trade by the populations of Canaanites, Philistines, Byzantines, Greece and Romanian.

The ancient walled Ashkelon, [the tell or hill] is situated in the National Park. Surround this Park are sand dunes and parts of the old wall build by the Crusaders. On several places you find sculptors from the Hellenistic and Roman time. A Byzantine church from the sixth century you can see in the northern part of the park. Also nearby there is a mosaic floor from the fifth century. A visit to the Arabic market on Monday and Thursday is a good decision.  In the surrounding of the tell you find a camping.
There is also a modern Ashkelon, called New-Ashkelon and founded in 1953 by immigrants from South-Africa. A part of the city is called Afridar, the name of the construction company. Next an industrial zone there is a big part of houses , shopping centres, offices and hotel accommodations. And for the tourist you have the sea, a waterpark an evening- and nightlife.

A must is a visit to the legendary kibbutz Yad Mordechai.  The climate is always good for two reasons, close to the sea and close to the Negev desert.

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..modern Ashkalon

The centre is a very good point as start for a sightseeing surround. 

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