Amphitheatre, Aqueduct, Romans, Crusaders , past and present..
Caesarea is situated 18km north of Netanya, between Sdot Yam and Jisre e-Zarqa. To reach this village coming from south by road2, take Caesarea Interchange . Close to this point you find road65 in the direction of Hadera and Afula. Also you find there road4, the old road Tel Aviv Haifa. The neighbourhood be dominated by the Yitschak Rabin Power Plant. This powerplant, has hundreds meters high chimneys who given by evening and night fairy-like light. . The landscape surround looks like the dunes on coast of Holland.
Caesarea is well known from the archaeologists’ excavations, a beautiful Roman aqueduct, the Citadel and Amphitheatre. Both places of this ancient time you find among the seashore, separated by the power plant Ma’or. This plant dominated the surrounding with the hundreds meters high chimneys and the very large pier for ships. The aqueduct is also situated among the beach. Behind the aqueduct you find a beautiful clean beach for swimming or walking.

The village has very nice roads decorated with flowers as Chinese rose, bougainvillea or oleander in many colours. The streets are clean and on different places you see a plate with Keep Caesarea clean. It is a modern village, also the president of Israel lives there. The houses are from several architectonics views and the owners belongs to the well-done classes.

In Caesarea you can find some galleries that are worth visiting. Judaica,Jewish Gifts.

Don’t forget to visit the Rakki museum built in hacienda style. The entrance is free and you find a spectacular collection of art, even from Salvador Dali.

The greatest benefactor of Israel, the family Rothschild have had big influence for the development of the surrounding, also for the tourist. The Dan Caesarea hotel and the golf court and also the underwater museum that you can find on the kibbutz Maagen Michael presents attractive facilities.
Also there is the old city Caesarea. Caesarea from the time of the Romans and the crusaders, with places like the old harbour, the citadel and other ruins. Different places are fine restored but meanwhile also commercial by many shops and restaurants. Nowadays the old ruin city is a National Park. When you buy a ticket for the ruin city you also can use it for a visit of the amphitheatre and reverse. You can freely visit the roman aqueduct. Since 2003 you have to buy a ticket for enter the aqueduct area. >>>>Citadel Caesarea was build by King Herod.
Near Caesarea there are a number of towns, like Hadera where you can shop nicely. You can reach the town easily by train or by bus. Close to Hadera, right on highway 65 is the kibbutz Gan Shmuel. In front of this kibbutz you can find a very big shopping centre, including a Mc. Donald. East of Caesarea on highway 4 is the town of Or Akiva. From the highway you can easily reach an indoor shopping centre. More to the east you have the growing villages Pardesh Khana Karkur and Binyamina. [see Hadera] For a stay in the surroundings >Binyamina
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